Pepper Potts and Tony Stark are engaged

This was semi-requested by suddenlysmittenxwrites. Thank you for helping out with this! This is a little short but I really like how it turned out. I hope you enjoy reading! Things with Tony get romantic. Pepper and Tony were taking a break from their relationship. As a result, Tony would need to hire a new assistant since she resigned. To your surprise, Tony chose you. You knew very well not to respond to his occasional flirting; Tony will be Tony and this was your job.

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Her first date with Tony didn’t go as planned. Sure the restaurant was lovely, and Tony was charming and fantastic as always. He kept complimenting her dress and offered to dance. He warded off any press by taking her to some high-class place with a private room, kissing her gently here and there and he seemed to never have stopped smiling. She may have been a little weary of when he took her back to his place, but she didn’t care, he promised all he had in mind was, “Drinks, and that’s all Potts.

It’s just not in the cards. Yet in Civil War, fans of Tony Stark and Pepper Potts are going to feel pretty bad when they learn that the duo have split.

Of all the emotions fans expect to feel while watching Captain America: Civil War , heartbreak is probably not one of them. Excitement, nervousness, anticipation of the climatic battle you know is coming — that’s all stuff you can predict. But sad, disappointed pain over the break-up of a once-beloved couple? It’s just not in the cards. Yet in Civil War , fans of Tony Stark and Pepper Potts are going to feel pretty bad when they learn that the duo have split, and they’ll likely spent the rest of the movie well, until the awesome appearance of Spider-Man distracts them wondering why Tony and Pepper broke up.

The answer is revealed fairly early on in Civil War. When Tony’s fellow Avengers question why Pepper is not around, and Tony reveals that the two are taking some time apart. He says that his refusal to stop with being Iron Man is the reason, and it’s clear from his expression and tone that he’s heartbroken over the split. No more explanation is given, and Pepper is absent from the rest of the movie. It’s sad to think that Tony’s love of being Iron Man caused Pepper to break up with him, but it makes a lot of sense.

At the end of Iron Man 3 , Tony — after realizing how dangerous being a superhero can be, both in terms of harming himself and those he loves — pretty much quits being Iron Man. Yet in Avengers: Age of Ultron , he’s back in the game, despite the concern he and Pepper both had for his actions. Pepper isn’t in that movie, but it’s clear she and Tony are still together; at the end of the film, Tony reveals that he imagines a future with Pepper, and implies that he might no longer want to be Iron Man, a choice his girlfriend would undoubtedly support.

Pepper Potts (Rescue)

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Tony and Pepper are either in an established relationship or just dating Thanks.​.. Answer: try also in these fake dating fics tony meets pepper’s family but they aren’t necessarily dating yet: fanfictiongreenirises liked this.

His AI is being suggestive in order to make his date more successful — and to make sure Tony actually gets there in the first place. In short: I own nothing; this is pure fiction created to entertain likeminded fans for no profit whatsoever. Beta: Mythra Feedback: Very welcome. About Date Night Dictation : I know very little about cars. But, I do know Tony Stark drives ridiculously expensive, rare cars — which he sometimes totals while practicing new tricks with his Iron Man suit.

Story and status: Below you see the writing process of the story. If there is no text after the title, then it is finished and checked. Possible updates shall be marked after the title. Date Night Dictation.

Pepper Potts

Fortune Days. One moment, one choice, one secret can change everything. It’s how you deal with what comes next that tells you who you are. No Place Like Home.

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Later Pepper finds a recorded message from Tony he made for this scenario, apologizing to her. Not gonna lie, I almost cried writing this. But I love that I apparently have my own type of pain. He felt only dazed and tired. Stuttering a bit, the helmet retracted. A slim hand caught his head before it could hit the ground.

He squinted, adjusting to the sudden flare of sunlight, before a scared young face faded into view: Peter. Tony sucked in a gasp as pain stabbed his side again. He clenched his fists, discovering that Friday had retracted the gloves too. Tony lifted his head pressing down on the gaping wound in his side. This… this was the only way it was ever gonna end for me. Keep reading.

So I present some Pepperony with a dash of Iron Babies, and blame tripnskip for any feels.

Tony and Pepper

Well, I decided to take a shot at a one shot. Anyway- I figured that Tony and Pepper going on their first date would be a rather bizarre thing to write about. I intended for this to go one direction, and

Mentioned: Pepper Potts, Tony’s bots (DUM-E and U). Pairing: Pepper/Tony. Summary: Tony has a date. His AI is being suggestive in order to.

Idea came from actual experience that I don’t think I’ll ever forget, plus I really hate restaurants. Also the restaurant they go to is an actual place, check it out on google if you get a chance. Anyways I figured we could go out tonight, on an actual date to dinner or something. Pepper looked up from her laptop with slight confusion.

I figured we could go to Il Cielo. Pepper’s eyebrows shot up. Should I make reservations now?

When we first met: A Natasha Romanoff and Pepper Potts Fanfiction

Special Thanks to my beta: a-citizen-of-asgard because whithouth her help this story wouldn’t have turned out so well. Thank You, Shannon. You are the BEST ;. Pepper Potts felt tired, so so tired after an entire day of hard work. The last remnants of the “Stark Expo” disaster were falling into place gradually, but her resolution and strength had been of good use this entire week.

Tony/Pepper is the pairing of Pepper Potts and Tony Stark in the Iron Man films (​and as such the Marvel Cinematic Universe). Do you want to try some new.

Originally posted by kittenzvrzpuppiezkittenzwin. How old is she? What is she called? His hands are sweating as he waits for you to come out the house. Request: Damian Wayne x batmom reader where Damian is ver closed of to batmom, and reader is just trying to get close to him. Ends in fluff and Bruce is just watching them bond. Originally posted by onebatfamhugeveryday.

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Then one day you break down and the day after Tony announces to the world that you, Pepper and him are in a polyamorous relationship. Does Tony have a thing for fat girls? Tears threatened to fall from your eyes as Pepper and Tony looked up at you.

~ change is gonna come – 1, words – 4 times Tony Stark tried to convince Pepper to date him, and the one time he succeeded. ~ What She’s Caught Him Doing.

It was too simple for me to see initially, and will probably be an unpopular opinion for that reason. It ignores all the villains, and ambivalently discards the themes of militarization vs peace which Iron Man demonstrates so well in movies 1—3, and in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Avengers: Civil War. No: my theory is very simple, and could be easily gleaned from the very first Iron Man. Is it a mutual relationship, or is there an imbalance of respect and power?

Are they focused on building one another up, or only themselves? Do they demonstrate they genuinely know and care about their partner, through their actions? The classic Hollywood archetypes of damsel in distress and knight in shining armor are rarely able to pass this sniff test. But also because I know that healthy relationships do exist, and can exist, and can be portrayed easily in film. They make, as my husband likes to point out, way more logical and interesting film characters than your standard fare.

What the fuck is that?

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